Welcome to the The HYDRAź ARS System that keeps the trash out of storm drains

HYDRAź ARS Storm Drain Gate
Approved by the City of Los Angeles as 93% capture.

The HYDRA® ARS (Automatic Retractable Screen) utilizes a series of patented “HYDRA® Blades” that work independently to keep solid debris out of the storm drain system.

When no water is present, they remain closed to prevent solids from entering the storm drain.
If the water in the street rises, the blades automatically open slowly allowing water to flow into the storm drain vault. Larger solids are still discouraged from entering vault as the blades only open enough for the amount of water flow.

The Problem... The HYDRA TMDL Solution...
Unlike rigid Stainless gates HYDRA won't clog. Lets the runoff in and the trash out!


The HYDRAź Advantage

Will not jam... Many storm drain gates rely on a locking mechanism that hopefully unlocks when the water level reaches a set height. Many times, these gates don’t open and the streets flood, other times something gets stuck under the gate or the mechanism fails and the entire gate stays open defeating its purpose.

HYDRA® Blades work independently. As the water flow increases each blade reacts separately, even if something sticks under some of the blades, the other blades close.
Can be installed into any size vault opening... HYDRA® ARS Blades have no height or width restrictions so they can fit into any size vault opening. Existing gates are side mounted and require minimum heights.

Fully adjustable... Many systems are non adjustable or set based on the water height on the curb. Current "adjustable" systems rely on a curb height calculation which can be inaccurate and lead to flooding.

The blade deflection is adjusted based on location and compliance requirements using the HYDRA® "Never Jam" tensioner. Simply rotating the hidden adjustment wheel increases or decreases the pressure required to open the Hydra Blades. The amount the system opens can also be adjusted. This is especially critical for hillside locations or high debris areas.

Moves trash away from the storm drain opening... The individual HYDRA® Blades help move trash away from the storm drain opening. Trash contacts the smooth blades and keeps moving away from the storm drain opening.
Stays closed until needed... The only portion of the HYDRA® ARS System that opens is the area receiving the most volume of water. If portions of the system are not receiving large volumes of water, then they remain closed. This greatly reduces the amount of debris entering the storm drain during a weather event. Existing systems are either completely open or completely closed.

Made of recyclable materials.. The HYDRA® ARS Storm Drain System is made of a durable polymer which is fully recyclable. Since the polymer has no scrap value compared to stainless steel systems, theft is virtually eliminated.

Having independent “blades” as opposed to one perforated steel panel means less damage from impacts as blades can move independently.

HYDRA is a registered trademark. Reg USPTO
The HYDRA is patented. USPTO

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